Saraswati Pujo



Central Texas Bengali Association celebrated Saraswati Puja on February 4 th 2017, at the Live Oak

Universalist Unitarian Church in Cedar Park. It was a superb celebration and the attendance was beyond


From a very artistic decoration for the Protima depicting the “Gram Bangla” just set the tone of

welcoming the spring, and happy, giggles and laughter from the little ones dressed in yellow took us

back to the time and land we left behind but always carried in our hearts.

The efficiently conducted Puja concluded by Anjali was attended with great enthusiasm and then the

tiny tots came forward for the “Hate Khori” to initiate their journey for learning. It was a delight to see

them eagerly trying to learn the new skill.

Lunch was a very delicious and satisfying event, mostly prepared by community members and supported

by the restaurant “Curry in a Hurry”.

But the real wonder was waiting for all in the afternoon. Close to seventy children from the community,

from teenagers to toddlers kept the attendees spell bound by demonstrating their skills in expanses of

music, recitation, dance and drama. The programs, skillfully and enthusiastically planned, by the capable

members took many hours of patient preparation and training was a treat for the eyes and soul and

filled us up with great admiration.

The cultural programs included:

 Saraswati Bandana

 Instrumental Recital I and II

 Education Trilogy: (Recitation, Enactment, Singing, Bharatnatyam, Robotic dance)

 Tasher Desh: Musical Dance Drama by Rabindranath Tagore

The Saraswati Puja festival was an outstanding success and all the members who attended, the children

who entertained us, and last but not least, the committee members who worked tirelessly for months

behind the curtains, all made it possible.