What are the benefits of becoming a CTBA Member?

Which Vendor’s provide benefits? [*]

[*] This list will keep growing. Please review this list periodically to see what all vendors get listed.

What is my member number?

This is the 6 Digit number displayed on your card which starts with CTXXXX . This number will be allocated to you after confirming the payment associated with the online membership application (once you submit the online application you will be taken to the PayPal page to select your membership type and pay accordingly).

What if I have submitted an online membership application but forgotten to pay?

Please go here to complete payment through PayPal (make sure you use the same email you used to sign up for the online application so that we can match the records).

What is the cost of membership?

Platinum Membership – $400 / Family per year (*)
Gold Membership – $200 / Family per year (*)
General Membership – $100 / Family per year

(*) – The rates for an individual membership are $150 for Platinum, $75 for Gold, and $40 for General categories. Please fill up the online application, then send a check for the applicable amount directly to:

Dipanjan Ray Chaudhuri
9724 Morgan Creek Dr
Austin, TX 78717

Will the Cost remain the same for the next year?

Every Year the current committee will review and decide on the Cost. However, that will be clearly communicated to all of you in advance

What if I do not want to pursue membership for the next year?

Totally fine. You can opt out from renewing it the next year. There is no penalty for doing that.

What methods of payment do you accept?

PayPal or Credit Card

Why do I need to provide my email Address and Physical Address?

Email address will be used by CTBA for internal use only, and will not be shared outside. Physical address is critical as your membership card will be sent to that address (for new members).

How can I create my User Name and Password?

This is a capability that will come up in future. We will communicate once ready.

How soon will I receive my membership card?

If you already had a membership card from 2017, you should feel free to keep using that for 2018 after payment of membership. If you are a first time member, from the time you register and pay for the Membership, it will roughly take 3-4 weeks for you to receive the card. During that time, you can still leverage and utilize the benefit of having this membership by using the confirmation email that you will receive, once you make the payment.
If you do not receive your card within 3 weeks, please do reach out to the CTBA committee ctbaexeccommittee2018@gmail.com.

Can I cancel my membership and get a refund?

Since this is the first year we will not be able to accommodate that request.

Can I get a membership later on in the year with a pro-rated price?

Unfortunately, no, unless you moved to Austin at a later time of the year, and would like to join our community! Hence request you all to get the membership before Saraswati Pujo (1/27/18).

How long does my membership last?

This is a Yearly membership; hence it will expire on 12/31/2018. All events organized by CTBA throughout 2018 will be covered by the membership (percent covered being dependent on the type of membership).

Can I set up my membership to automatically renew?

No, as we would like each one of you to renew the membership yourself each year. No surprises.