Welcome to the Central Texas Bengali Association (CTBA) home!

The Central Texas Bengali Association, (CTBA) is a socio- cultural, non- profit organization under registered non-profit 501 (c)(3). CTBA strives to promote and nurture Indian heritage and culture through spiritual, social, educational, artistic, and literary activities for and on behalf of the central Texas Bengali community.

Established approximately 26 years ago by a handful of enthusiastic Bengali residents, to celebrate and uphold Indian culture with an emphasis on Bengali culture, CTBA has grown to be a robust organization of six hundred plus members strong. The community has grown almost by 50% in the last five years and has a projected growth of 15% year over year. CTBA organizes several programs each year, to promote the splendid cultural heritage and diversity and a feeling of friendship between its members and other interested and extended cultural groups.

Several times each year the community comes together to enjoy programs organized by CTBA, such as:

· Celebration of the Fall Festival
· A springtime program mainly geared towards the children of the community
· A picnic in the park
· Cultural programs by local and/or invited guests
· New Year’s Eve party

The magazine “Drubotara” is published yearly to encourage literary and artistic talents of adults and youth of the community. It enthusiastically brings forth an array of productions, of precious memories from India and valuable experiences gained in the United States. This is a much appreciated document for our community and have been respected by other communities when shared.

In order to ensure our rich cultural heritage transcends generations, the present committee is also considering initiate an interactive Bengali language, history and cultural heritage class for the community youth in the near future.